Well not really, but I bet that got your attention right? What I am, is well off enough that I can afford a hospital plan or medical aid, unlike the majority of South Africans, who are reliant on government medial care. I have second hand experience of government medical care from family and now Loveness and all I can say is that shit? It will kill you if your disease doesn’t first.

Currently we’re at an absolute loss as to what to do about Loveness. She’s been having chronic stomach problems for the past 4 months. To the point, where she has missed almost 3 weeks of work in the last 2 months, as a working mom, this is a HUGE problem. I went back to work on Monday, on Monday afternoon she messaged me to come home, she was in such chronic pain, by the time I got here, she could hardly breathe and could barely speak from the agony. What happened if she’d collapsed while looking after my young children? She’s been booked off for the remainder of the week, so have I, but that’s another blog post for another time. What do I do now?

What do I do the next time she has an attack of this pain? I can’t keep taking time off work, neither can Walter, also, I’m worried about the intensity of the pain and the effect it may have on my children, should she collapse from it.

She’s seen 3 Dr’s in the last two months. First she was diagnosed with constipation. So I headed to Dischem and bought her a bulk supply of Dupholac syrup and Peppermint Capsules, which are fantastic for stomach cramps. A week later, she was off again, again with chronic pain. This time her Dr referred her to Jo’burg Gen for a scan and blood tests. On arriving at the hospital, they ran the blood tests, never did the scan and sent her away with liquid paraffin saying its constipation. A couple of days later and we were right back to square one with Loveness doubled over in agony and unable to work. Each time she has a bout of this pain, she’s off work for 3 – 5 days, which was fine while I was on maternity leave, but now that I’m back at work, it’s a HUGE problem.

Over the past weekend, she went to see another Dr about her pain, he gave her different medication and sent her on her way. On Tuesday, she went  to another Dr, who booked her off again for the entire week and referred her to a TB clinic as he suspects she may have Abdominal Tuberculosis. She headed off to the TB Clinic on Wednesday, they tested her and asked her to return on Friday for the results, however, they also referred her back to bloody Jo’burg Gen for a full cancer screening today.

Loveness headed back to Jo’burg Gen today for her cancer screening and guess what they did at Jo’burg Gen? A pap smear! And told her to come back in 6 weeks for the results! I kid you not folks! That is the extent of the cancer screening they did on her!

I really don’t know what we’re going to do, while I made the statement in the title of this post about being rich, we’re simply not in a position to pay for Loveness to have private medical care, we’re also not in a position to take endless amounts of time off work and we may be forced to find a replacement for her, something I don’t even want to think about having to do. She is Ava’s second mother, she is part of our family, it will devastate me to have to let her go but we may not be left with any other choice. I feel trapped between a rock and a hard place. I have to do what is best for my family, but Loveness is my family too and if I let her go, what will happen to her???

Walter’s dad falls into the majority group of South Africans who live under the threat of government medical care, he has no medical aid or hospital plan. After schlepping backwards and forwards to the gov hospital on the far East Rand for the past couple of months, because of excessive pain the bones of his pelvis, he’s just been diagnosed with Prostrate cancer. His cancer treatment will be administered by a gov hospital, God help him, and so he had to wait for a referral to an oncologist at the gov hospital to start treatment. Guess when he’s referral is for? The middle of October people! That’s almost two months away, in cancer months, not to sound callous, he could be dead! As it is, judging from the bone pain he is describing, its strongly suspected that the cancer has already spread from his prostrate to his bones but you know, clearly there is no rush, no need to start LIFE SAVING treatment asap.

Walter’s mom didn’t have medical aid for a number of years, she too battles with stomach issues and was regularly hospitalized. I have seen things at Joburg Gen & Edenvale gov hospitals that made my hair stand on end and made me feel dirty for days afterwards.

So thank you Lord, and I am NOT being facetious when I say this, that I am in a position to afford private medical care for myself and my children. We’ve all been sick this week, Ava had a trip to the ER at a private hospital and there is simply NO comparison.