My Mama is my best friend. She has stood by me through thick and thin. She knows me like no one else and always knows what’s best for me, whether I like it or not. She has cried with me during all of my pregnancy losses and treatment failures and she has celebrated with great joy, seeing me become a mother. She has defended me and always been there for me. Where would I be without my Mama?

Well today I took a moment to thank my Mama! You can see my Thank You here:

P&G South Africa – Thank You Mom

And now you too can thank your Mama!

Behind every athlete, and every South African, there’s Mama.

Today, we will mark the 100 day countdown to the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

P&G is not only a worldwide sponsor of the Olympic Games and a proud partner of Team South Africa, but we are also the Proud Sponsor of Moms.

P&G, along with its leading brands such as Pampers, Always, Olay, Pantene, Gillette, Vicks and Head & Shoulders,
plans to use this milestone as an opportunity for launching our campaign to honour and thank Moms everywhere.

We know that, in South Africa, motherhood extends beyond one’s biological child to the extended family, children within the community and to those in need.
Here it’s about Mama – that special female someone who shaped who you are today, regardless of how or when you stretched your arms out to her.

We want to salute not just the Mamas of Olympians, but all Mamas who have given so much.
The Mamas who have raised great athletes and the Mamas who have raised great kids.
Because when Mamas dedicate their lives to supporting and serving everyone else, someone needs to support and serve them.

Someone needs to say, “Thank you, Mama.” And we want to ask everyone in South Africa to do the same.
We hope that you can play a key part in inspiring South Africa  to say “Thank You, Mama!”

We hope that you’ll be excited by this campaign and will want to help spread the word:

– By viewing and sharing “Best Job” video with friends and family

–          By thanking your Mama at using our new Thank You Mom app

We hope this campaign will spark a movement that inspires people around the world to thank their moms.

Ngiyabonga mama |  Ndiyabulela Mama   |  Dankie mamma |  Ke a leboga mme
Ke a leboga mama  |  Keya leboha mama  |  Inkomu mama
Siyabonga mama  |  Ndo livhuwa mama / Ro livhuwa mama
Ngiyathokoza mama |  Thank You Mom