Ava has always been a great sleeper. Aside from the newborn niggles while we all figured out our routines, she has always slept well. She slept through the night for the 1st time at 6 weeks old and did it consistently from about 10 weeks old. I attribute our good sleeping fortune to two things:

  1. Her personality
  2. I’m a firm believer in sleep training

So imagine our horror when all her good sleeping habits went for a ball of s.h.i.t. in the last two weeks?  And when I mean her good sleeping habits, I’m only really referring to bed time. Previously, her bed time routine would be supper, followed by a bath and a little play time in the bath, then jarmies go on and it’s story time, in bed, then light’s out and sleep time. No issues and by 19h30, madam would be lights out.

About 6 months ago, we had a bit of a speed wobble with bed time which we quickly discovered was related to Ava’s afternoon nap. As soon as we dropped her nap time, she went back to being a breeze in the evenings.

But the last two week’s. Oh my holy hell, it has been a nightmare! She will come out of her room up to 20 ( YES TWENTY) times before eventually dropping off to sleep, sometimes being up as late as 21h30! And boy oh boy, Ava can come up with some great reason’s to leave her room. She needs to use the loo, she needs a bottle, she needs to tell us something, there’s a moth flying around, you name it, she’ll use it.

Now I must just mention, Walter and I have very different strengths as parents and patience is not Walter’s strong point when dealing with Ava coming out of her room 20 times each evening, so on Monday, I decided to go all Supernanny on her! I learned an amazing lesson about my levels of patience under pressure. I never once lost my cool!

Wanna know why that’s so amazing? Because in the space of 20 minutes, I had to return Ava to her bedroom FIFITEEN times!!!! I sat outside her bedroom door and each time she came out, I’d stand up, make no eye contact or any conversation, turn her around, lead her back to her bed…..

Ava tried every defence to my offence she could come up with, here are just a few examples of the heart wrenching blackmail she unleashed on me:

  1. Crying till the snot run
  2. Begging me to talk to her: “Moma, say something, talk to me, why aren’t you talking to me?”
  3. “I want my Daddy!”
  4. “Moma’s a monster!” *sob*
  5. “I’m scared because I’m in trouble!”
  6. “There’s a spider!”
  7. “I’ve made a pooh!” *there was no pooh, FYI
  8. Slamming the door in my face

But you know what? It was totally worth it! Because it worked! Granted, it took patience of steel, granted I did have to take her back to her bed FIFTEEN times but on Tuesday night, she went straight off to sleep no problem and last night she only got out of bed twice and with none of the snot, trane and drama of the first night when I went all Suppernanny on her!

Here’s hoping she’s getting back into good sleep routines because damn, I miss eating a warm supper or spending time talking to Walter in the evenings!