It’s been a bizarre week you guys. Since the announcement of the category winners in the African Blogger Awards, my inbox has been overflowing with requests. Requests for product reviews, requests for campaign participation and requests for interviews.

Who knew? I certainly didn’t ever expect this kind of response when I entered. I certainly never anticipated winning in a category either, I thought being a runner up was overly optimistic on my part. But there you have it.

The most exciting part has been the requests for interviews! My blog was featured on IOL a couple of days ago, check it out:

IOL Interview

You can read the full article and interview here, although I must say, the headline did make me giggle…. scores big? Um… ok then?!

I was also interviewed on by Angela and Tsheko on The Collective Show on Radio 2000 last week Friday. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed chatting to them. You can listen to the radio interview here:

And then on Tuesday, while I was at home, sick in bed, and trying really hard to ignore the whining, scratching puppy at my bedroom door, I was interviewed by Nigel Pierce on Good Hope FM. You can here that interview here:

I followed a thread on a blogger group on Face Book about the merit of having an “In the media” page on your blog. The discussion was around whether or not it was vain or gave the blogger credibility.  As you know, I have an “In The Media” page on my blog and I also have a collage of all my media coverage in my side bar, for interested parties to see at a glance.

Collage May 15


I never really considered that it might be considered vain. I always thought that media coverage added to my credibility as a blogger and writer and to be honest, I’m seriously proud of the coverage I’ve received. It makes me feel like I have a story worth telling, a story people are interested in hearing.

But I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic?