So September has been a big month for me, The Blessed Barrenness, with two local publications featuring stories about The Blessed Barrenness!

The September Issue Of Fair Lady magazine, which went on sale last week, wrote a feature about women who transformed their lives, which featured, amongst others, Nicki from One Of The Boys and myself. It was loads of fun participating in this story as we got to on a professional photo shoot with a make up artist and the works and although I was a little apprehensive about sharing how my marriage almost collapsed under the strain of our infertility and subsequent adoption, it was also an honour to be featured.


But the mag I’m most excited about is the September issue of Your Baby mag, which goes on sale today, because I wrote that story myself, did all my own research and put together, I think, a well written piece on post adoption depression which I hope will help other adoptive mom’s and give insight and information to family and friends of adoptive mom’s who may be struggling with depression post placement.

I was so excited that the article got a cover mention, an editor’s letter mention and the layout is just beautiful and I’m so very proud of this written piece, you can read the full article here: