In little more than a month, Ava-Grace will be starting school and I couldn’t be more excited, anxious, apprehensive and happy for her. She has been going through a bit or a separation anxiety patch. Actually, a pretty bad patch. Dada is not allowed to be out of her sight… EVER. If she knows he’s around and she can’t see him, she goes CRAZY! When he leaves for work she screams and cries and sobs. He is, of course, her most favorite person in the entire world. She’s not at bad with me but does get a bit teary when I leave for work in the morning, I’ve found that saying goodbye casually, telling her I love her calmly and over fiercely and then turning around and walking out while she’s distracted by something seems to work the best and I manage to avoid having her screaming and clinging to my legs.

So I’m feeling anxious about her starting school as I wonder what impact it will have on her while she’s going through this separation anxiety phase. But on the other hand, I’m even more convinced that my intelligent, curious, sociable little girl is oh-so ready for it. My folks were here for the weekend and even my mother, who initially was horrified when I told her that Ava would be starting play school in a month, commented on how she seemed to get bored at home and that while she played sweetly and contentedly by herself, she agreed that Ava is 100% ready for play school.

Of course, I don’t do anything in half measures, so I’ve been shopping up a storm in preparation for her, getting all the goodies on the list that the school has instructed.

So far, she has the following:

The Hello Kitty back pack.
The Hello Kitty Lunch boxes.
The Hello Kitty Snack box.

All of these items I ordered online from Hello Kitty South Africa, the service from them was fantastic, they posted all the goodies to me and I received them within 5 days of placing my order. I did visit the HK store here in Jo’burg, but seriously, they wanted R500 a lunch box and R1500 for the same back pack and I just thought they were completley off their rockers.

I also got label starter pack for all Ava’s goodies, her bag, her lunch boxes, juice bottles, shoes, clothes, toys etc from It’s Mine… guess what theme I chose?

Hello Kitty Labels

Of course Ava-Grace could simply NOT have her clothes and other goodies marked with a marking pen, I had to be all OTT about it and now its come back to bite my ass, I’m going to have to find the time in the next month to iron all of the bladdy labels onto her clothes!

I still need to get her an “art” bag, for her items that she creates during class time and she also needs an art smock and an apron for bakers day, which is every Thursday. But we’re getting there. And I’m getting excited and apprehensive and anxious and everything in between.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since become a mother it’s that our emotions are just never ever simple when it comes to our children!