Today, 3 years ago, our journey through adoption began! We had just received the devastating news that my 7th pregnancy, conceived via our first FET (frozen embryo transfer) was not going according to plan. My blood test results clearly showed that my hormone levels had started dropping and that another miscarriage was on the cards. We were devastated and I was inconsolable.

I got booked off work and spent a few days at home crying into my pillow, feeling my dream of motherhood slipping further and further away. Did you know that with each miscarriage a woman has, her chances of successfully carrying a pregnancy increase, until she’s had 3 miscarriages and from her 3rd miscarriage on onwards, with each miscarriage, her chances of successfully carrying a pregnancy are drastically reduced with each miscarriage? So when my 7th miscarriage was confirmed, I knew the writing was on the wall.

At some point, during the days of grieving, I logged into Face Book and this was one of the photo’s that greeted me:

Charne & Emma-Lynn
I was astound when I saw it. This was my online infertility sister, Charne with a baby? Her baby! A baby who cam to them through the gift of adoption. I cried so hard when I saw that photo because it was an instant answer, I knew what we had to do.
That night I showed all the photo’s of Charne & her husband Noel with their beautiful daughter Emma-Lynn, to Walter and in an instant we agreed. We needed to set aside fertility treatment and start the adoption process.
I could never have known, that even in the depths of my grief, God was working on his greater plan for our lives. When my 4th fresh IVF had failed, in March of 2009, and I was grinding my teeth in anguish and shaking my fists at God, our daughter was being conceived. I could never have known that my 7th miscarriage would be the motivator to get God’s plan to start unfolding in our lives. That Charne’s placement was the catalyst for opening a door for us that we’d only ever toyed with. That at the very time that of Charne’s placement and my miscarriage, our beautiful birth mom was seeking the services of a social worker and starting the process of placing her unborn baby for adoption.
I could never known that in exactly 2 months and 1 day after Emma-Lynn’s birth, the very inspiration for our journey, our own beautiful daughter would enter the world and change our lives forever.
EL & AG Meet
Today is Emma-Lynn’s birthday, she is 3 years old and aside from being a blessing to family, she is the inspiration for our family. Through her placement our family was created.
I really want to encourage anyone reading this who is battling with infertility. I want you to know that sometimes life takes us on journey’s that is full of twists and turns, that we must brace ourselves and have the courage to keep moving around each bend because we just never know what could be waiting just around the corner. 2009 was a terrible year for us, we had a failed IVF and a miscarriage and by the end of it I was on my knee’s begging for mercy, never realising that in the midst of all that pain, my greatest joy was about to be realized!
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