Somebody commented on yesterday’s post about Hannah’s placement that they’d like to hear about the day we got THE call, so here it is!

It was a Friday, 8th March and I was feeling really down in the dumps. We’d just had our two hit and miss potential adoption placements, both of them had fallen flat, we’d really ridden the roller coaster of emotions, I was exhausted, downhearted, deflated and feeling pretty damn hopeless. To top it off I’d had a totally shocking day which had started off with no electricity, I’d had to go to work looking like a woolly 80’s Rock Star because I couldn’t blow dry my hair and the day just spiraled downward from there. By the time I got home from work, all I could think about was sitting down with a bag of chips and a bottle of wine!

When I arrived home, I discovered that our gardener had broken the automated garage door as he’d had to be opening it manually all day because of the power outage. When Walter got home he asked me to help him hold the ladder while he attempted to fix the garage doors. Now the stupid ladder is one of those metal ones and in between trying to hold the garage door up with one hand, while supporting the ladder with the other hand while Walter tried to get the door automation back on it’s rails, somehow the ladder started to slide over and it fell and slammed my fingers in between the two metal legs.  That was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I simply couldn’t anymore, after the totally shitty day, this was the end. I burst into tears,  viciously threw the ladder to the ground while throwing a few prize f-bombs and stormed into the house to check on my bruised fingers, blackened nails and cuticle on my one finger that ripped completely.

I decided to spend the rest of the evening in a sulk because life sucked and I was gonna eat worms. A couple of hours later my phone rang and I saw that it was our one social worker calling. It was after 7pm on a Friday evening, so I just knew…. I just knew… she was calling for a very good reason!

She told me that she had a feeling I’d been going through a rough time and she had news that she wasn’t supposed to share with me but she felt I deserved some cheering up. She then told us that we’d been chosen by birth parents. That I shouldn’t start telling the whole world just yet, but that things were looking good, that both the birth mother and birth father were involved and that the baby was a couple of weeks old. She also told me it was a little girl.

When I heard this news, I started screaming & alternating between running on the spot and doing star jumps! Both Walter and Ava came running and stood there staring at me like I’d completely lost my mind while I did this crazy/scream/dance thing.

This was 3rd time lucky. Third time we’d been matched/selected by birth parents in the space of ONE MONTH and it was also the first baby girl we’d been matched with, all our other close calls over the past two years have been boys, so I just had this very strong feeling that this was it!

Of course, having been so bitterly disappointed previously, Walter and I decided to keep this information close to home and didn’t share it with many people and certainly not online until right before the 60 days ended. Keeping our selection off my blog for more than a month nearly killed me, I was desperate to share it, but in the end, I’m glad we waited!