7 more BCP’s to go……….

I’m getting excited about actively doing fertility treatment again! I can’t wait to get started but I’m also terrified of what the result may be.

Its actually funny, for anyone reading who didn’t know anything about infertility may think I’m a sadist. I mean I’m excited for the following:

Beautiful Di.ldo cam scan on day 2!!!

Blood test on day 2

Two injections a day till +/- day 12/3

One SERIOUSLY burny injection on day +/- 14

Lots more blood tests along the way…….

LOVELY egg retrieval for which I’m sh*tting myself after my last very unpleasant experience during which I learned that Dormican Sedation does not leave me SEDATED!!!

Then the true horror begins, the dread lab phone call each morning to hear how our babies are doing.

Then the tranfer. The last time I had three people doing their best to get a truly nice close up of my vajayjay, with a gigantic shiny surgical light hanging from the ceiling,in which I could see the reflection of my own vajayjay!

And then two weeks of bloating and feeling yuk from all the medications, two weeks of insomnia, two weeks of obsessing, of thinking yes it worked, followed by now ways it could have worked. Crazy noise in my head.

Yup, I think I’m a sadist to be excited about that!