Sleep training, or sleep guidance, or sleep assistance, or whatever you’d like to call it, is a heavily debated topic in parenting circles. Those against sleep training often label it as cruel or “evil” without even having an understanding of what sleeping training/guidance/assistance actually involves. The two most popular and, in my opinion, gentle methose are the controlled comforting method and the camping out method, used by Super Nanny. Those of us who have practised it know that there is nothing cruel or evil about it and we have seen first hand the benefits of it.

From my own experience I know that the benefits of sleep training were far reaching. I felt less depressed, anxious, overwhelmed and stressed when I was well rested which in turn helped me to be the best Mom I could be to my baby. And for my baby, there was no denying that she was a far happier, easy going and settled child when she too was well rested.

A lot of Mom’s are afraid to sleep train because they worry about the long term emotional effects that it could have on their baby but new research is now proving that there is no long term effect in terms of parent to baby bonding and that children who were gently sleep trained show no adverse effects, no emotional trauma no difference in their emotions, sociability and conduct to those who were not sleep trained.

The previously accepted theory that babies who are sleep trained are more inclined to develop hyperactivity has also been disproved. In fact, the study concluded that children who had not been sleep trained, and I quote:

In fact, slightly more children in the control group had emotional or behavioral problems than in the sleep-trained group.

The final finding of the study was this:

Meanwhile, earlier data from the study show that sleep-training does work: babies learn to go to sleep easier at bedtime and stay asleep longer at night. Based on the findings, the authors conclude that sleep-training is safe and effective, and call for an increase in parent education about these methods as well as more training for health specialists to recommend the procedures.

You can read the full article here:

If you think that gentle sleep training is something you’d like to try, I’d really encourage you to attend a Baby Love seminar or book a one on one session with their trainers.  You can visit Baby Love’s website for more info.