One of the first lesson’s one learns when parenting a toddler is – choose your battles! Some things are just not worth locking horns and getting into a battle of wills over. Now, when you add to that equation to VERY strong willed, determined girls – Ava & I, you’ll understand that there are some things I choose to let slide…

Like when Ava insists on taking a toy with her to school every day, even though the school requests that parents don’t allow it, frankly, it’s just far easier to let Ava take her Spur balloon or a plastic golf club to school in an attempt to keep the peace and avoid a long drive to school listening to a tantrum complete with snot and crocodile tears.

Or when she doesn’t want to wear her gown and slippers on the chilly mornings but would rather wear a “trackie top” and takkies… I choose to let it go. She’s warm, she’s suitably dressed for the chilly weather, does it really matter if she’s wearing her gown and slippers or a “trackie” top? In my opinion, NO!

But one of her quirks is slowly starting to drive me crazy and is costing me a small fortune!


Ava is SUPER chuffed that she no longer wears nappies, in her words, nappies are for babies and if you bring a nappy anywhere near her during the day, she has a total melt down! She has also formed very strong opinions about what she will and won’t wear!

For example, she will ONLY wear a tracksuit top if it has a zip up the front, if it’s a tracksuit top that gets pulled over her head, she will absolutely, no way Jose, refuse to have it come anywhere near her!

She also has her own rule about what “underpants” she will and won’t wear!

Woolies Girls Undies

See exhibit A – the first 3 pairs are acceptable to her, the last two pairs I may as well take out of the packet and throw in the trash as soon as I get home from the shops. Can you tell what her acceptable “underpants” criteria is? Let me paint a picture for you. In an attempt to give her some say in what she wears to school each day (aside from the “trackie” top thing) she is allowed to choose which brooks she wants to wear. She will stand at her cupboard for as long as it takes and unfold and refold all 25 pairs of brooks in her cupboard until she finds the one that meets her criteria!

The criteria is very simple! It ABSOLUTELY has GOT TO have a picture on the front. No picture! No wearing of those underpants! Finished and klaar! No arguments about it!

Then there is also a secondary criteria.

Woolies Girls Undies 1

See exhibit B.

The first pair of underpants meet all the criteria, the 3rd pair of underpants I may be able to get onto her when she’s suitably distracted but the middle pair? Not if my life depended on it! And the issue? Quite simple (in her mind) anything with a pattern that contains polka dots, hearts, little birds etc etc etc is for babies and she will kick and thrash about screaming how she’s not a baby if I bring any polka dotty, hearty, cute little birdie, patterned “underpants” anywhere near her cute little bums!

I have looked in every conceivable shop that stock little girl brooks but it would seem they all have the same clever plan. Sell brooks in bulk packs, ensuring that one to two pairs are cute with  picture on the front and the remaining pairs are hideous plain and boring or for babies! That way suckers like me don’t just purchase one or two bulk packs, we land up buying three or four bulk packs because at least one to two pairs of brooks from each pack will either never be worn or tossed in the trash as soon as we get home!

So please dear retailers, take pity on Mom’s like me and make ALL the underpants in your packs have pretty pictures on the front and no baby patterns? Please?