Adoption is love.

Adoption is magic.

And once again, I feel privileged to be watching that magic and that love unfold.

Yesterday, my friend Ginger, got the call they had been praying, hoping & waiting for. Yesterday they heard the amazing news that a BBM had selected them and that their little miracle would be born THIS SATURDAY!

I’ve been unable to stop smiling & getting all tearful thinking about and knowing how they are feeling. The disbelief! The fear! The anxiety! The excitement! The joy! The gratitude!

Last night Walter and I spent sometime reminiscing about the day that we got that call. I remember like it was yesterday, and yet it feels a lifetime ago, writing this blog posting –  The Call

I often get so caught up in  day to day life and living in the moment with our beautiful miracle that I forget that we too are waiting to get that call. Ginger’s awesome news has reminded, once again, how awe inspiring the adoption journey is. That somewhere out there, there could be a BM right now, looking at our profile and choosing us. We could get the call today! Tomorrow! Next month! Next year! And it has made so excited all over again for what the future my hold.

Ginger! You have no idea how moved, inspired and happy we are for both you and DJ and your families as you prepare to welcome this incredible miracle and beautiful gift into your lives! Our thoughts and prayers are with you both and with your BBM as this time. May she have peace with the decision she has made. May you be richly blessed by her sacrifice and gift of love.