The One About Getting “Merried”

It’s no secret, Ava is a tom boy. She is not a girly girl. She does not play with dolls, is not interested in bangles and tiara’s and getting her to wear a dress is an uphill battle, one I’ve given up fighting and she will ALWAYS choose to play with the boys rather than the girls. If you ask her to list her best friends, there is not one girls name that will appear there. Tristan, Morgan, Julian and Liam. Those are her friends.

But make no mistake, she may be 5, but (rather concerning) she is very much aware of her feminine wiles this young one! I am friends with the mom’s of the little boys I’ve mentioned above there and I know they will agree and not be offended when I tell you, Ava has those boys wrapped around her pinky and she has no problem stringing them along, telling them what to do, going so far as to tell them that as the girl in the group, she is the boss of them and they need to do what she needs/tells them too and for the most part, they actually listen to her.  Helping her carry her bike, protecting her and looking out for her at school. She has a troup of boys seeing to her every need.

Since seeing our wedding video last year, she has spent a lot of time pondering the institution of marriage. Apparently, all that is involved, according to her, is that a couple stand in front of their family and friends, they hold hands from the one arm, wrap the other arm around each other and sway to their favorite song and… hey… presto, they’re married, or merried as she calls it.

On Monday, while taking her home from school we had the following conversation:

Ava – Mom, I’ve got a problem and I’m very confused!

Me – What are you confused about?

Ava – Who I should merry!

Me – Well my girl, what are your options?

Ava – Liam, Julian or Morgan! But Liam REALLY wants to merry me and Julian doesn’t want to get merried!

Me – Ok, so you have a choice to make, who would you like to marry?

Ava – Morgan, but he’s never been merried before which is why I’m confused because you know, he’d be very difficult to train!

One thing is for sure…. I’m getting more and more nervous about Ava’s teenage years the closer we get to them… this kid!

Ava & Morgan

Ava & Morgan – the boy who’s difficult to train! 



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