I’ve blogged before about the company Walter works for…. seriously…. these people KNOW how to treat their staff to a company year end function!  And it would seem this year will be no exception…. we got our invitation on Friday and I can safely say this year will be no different!


This year, we’ll be staying at Misty Hills Country Estate, there will no doubt be a wild party and the part I’m most excited about, we’re going hot air ballooning. This is something I have wanted to do for the very longest time!

Walter is afraid of heights, so I think he may be a little nervous about the whole experience. But I wanted to share with you a really funny exchange we had on Friday.

Lets just say neither Walter not I would ever be mistaken for….. slim! So after Walter RSVP’d for the year end function, the coordinator contacted him and said she needed our weights! *dies*

Walter emailed me in a panic a one liner….. THEY NEED OUR WEIGHTS!!!! Maybe we shouldn’t go!!!

Yes, he is a little bit of a girl! And I told him not to be ridiculous, that we were going on this year end function and it was going to be great! So  then he suggested we lie about our weights and being the ACTUAL girl in the relationship, I agreed. We each skimmed a few kg’s our truthful weights and he submitted it. Really quite ridiculous…. it’s not like it’s going to make that much of a difference to our embarrassment, those few KG’s.

Then I told Walter I was concerned…. what happens if, because of our somewhat untruthfulness surrounding our weights, the hot air balloon is unable to get air born?

Walter’s absolutely classic response: Then he’ll jump out!

So folks, at the end of November, I will let you know if one of us really did have to jump out of a hot air balloon or if it managed to get air born even with the extra few kg’s we neglected to advise them of!