*not for the squeamish or sensitive *

We’re upping our bribery game! While those cute little bunnies have worked wonders for getting Ava to eat and for potty training in general, they simply do not have a strong enough appeal to get her to poop in the toilet and frankly, scraping mounds of poop out of her skid marked underpants is simply no fun. There is only so much dry heaving I can do before my salivary glands run dry and I crack a rib in the process. I’ve scrubbed poop out from under my own finger nails more times than I care to remember and the buck has to stop here. Even she’s revolted by what comes out of her underpants but still there’s this resistance to do anything except make a wee in the toilet!

Potty Training

So we’ve decided to increase the reward from a cheap little plastic bunny to the one thing her heart (currently) most desires…….. A Pink Princess Skateboard!

I know what a skateboard is but I have no idea what a pink princess skateboard is! But if it encourages her to use the toilet for her doodies, then I’ll even spray paint a regular skateboard for her, hell I’d even go so far as to have one custom made for her.

So the deal started yesterday, if she uses the toilet or her potty to make #2, then she will get a pink princess skateboard. I’m not sure if the excitement over the pink princess skateboard has brought on a bout constipation or if it was just Murphy messing with us, but yesterday, there was no passing of granite, either in the toilet, the potty or her underpants.

Perhaps today my little skater girl will win the battle and we’ll be shopping for her skater girl get up later this week!