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The recipe every mom needs for #ShitTheSchoolMakesMeDo

If you follow me on Pinterest, you’ll know that I have a love/hate (who am I kidding, it’s more of a hate/hate) relationship with all the extra things that are required of parents when having kids of school going age. Even though there is no homework in Grade R, we are still kept busy with almost weekly additional activities for Show & Tell, Charity Cake sales etc etc etc. It’s like NEVER ending and as a busy, working mom, it’s the absolute bane of my life!

This week, the kids had a charity tuck day, to raise funds for the SPCA (I think), and so we were all asked to contribute eats that could be sold on the day. Now, as much as I hate the work that goes into these activites, Ava absolutely loves it, so for her, I suck it up and try my very best, even though I have the creativity of a brick and zero spare time, I never ever want to let her down, or have her big the kid whose parents make no effort. So I try. Thankfully, I remembered my mom’s fail proof chocolate squares recipe, which I’ve blogged about before, but for prosperity, here is the recipe again, because like, EVERY mom needs to keep this recipe stashed in her arsenal of things to make for school.

It’s idiot proof (trust me, if I can, you can) and quick but best of all, it’s decadently delicious!


    1. 250gms marg or butter
    2. 1pkt icing sugar(500gms)
    3. 1pkt marie biscuits
    4. 1egg
    5. 2 level Tablespoons cocoa
    6. 1/2 teaspoon vanilla essence


      1. Melt butter over LOW heat
      2. Add beaten egg( do slowly as the egg will curdle thats why butter must be melted over LOW heat)
      3. Next add sifted i.cing sugar and cocoa
      4. Mix till smooth
      5. Add vanilla and broken biscuits
      6. Stir gently till all biscuits are coated.
      7. Grease baking tray and spread mix in tin( I line my tray with lunch paper as it is easy to get biscuits out
      8. Place in fridge.
      9. When set cut into squares.

          We packaged these in two’s and even made little labels for it. Ava was thrilled and they sold a treat!

        Big excitement for today’s charity tuck day at school!   A photo posted by Sharon (@blessedbarrenness) on


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