The Hug-a-bub - a symbol of support for infertile mom's

Walter and I received many gifts after Ava was born, we were spoiled rotten. From family and friends to people we did not know but who were touched by our story, the gifts came flooding in and over a very extended period, Ava was 6 months old and we were still receiving welcome gifts for her. We also received a number of gifts from all over the world from fellow IF sisters and blog mates. We got gifts from America, from Europe, from New Zealand and Australia. All of these gifts were such a blessing to us as we were so completely unprepared for Ava’s rapid arrival in our lives.

One of the gifts in particular, the hug-a-bub, was a life saver for my sanity in the early weeks of Ava’s life. For those of you who have been reading since that time will know, we really struggled to settle. Ava was collicky, she had constipation and she battled with her sleep routines and generally settling into life outside of the womb. She was easily overstimulated and would go for weeks at a time without having any day time sleep. I was shattered and on the verge of loosing my mind completely when the hug-a-bub arrived and saved my sanity and gently lulled Ava into life outside the womb. It is, in my opinion, the very best of all the bay carriers and slings for newborns, none of the others worked for us the way the hug-a-bub did. Something about having Ava’s body pressed firmly against mind, with her head nestled between my breasts, calmed her and soothed her like nothing else did.

A few month later Lisa-Marie received her magical phone call to say they had been selected by a birth mom and would be having a baby girl too. I knew how difficult the road ahead would be for her as they’d also waited a very short time for their adoption placement and I wanted to give her something that would be a blessing for her too and the one thing that kept coming to my mind was the hug-a-bub. I sent it to her with a note to say that I hoped she wouldn’t be offended that it was second hand, but that I wanted her to have something that was such a blessing to me and that I hoped it would be a blessing to her to. It turned out to be a lifesaver for Lisa-Marie too.

My only request when sending hug-a-bub was that it be payed forward. So when Lisa-Marie was finished with it, I wanted her to pass it on to another extra special baby. Of course, all babies are special, but I wanted this wrap to be come a symbol of the love and support of our infertility community. I wanted it to be used for babies who were born against all odds, babies miraculously born to couples who thought they’d never conceive, babies born through the miracle of adoption, or surrogacey. Real extraordinary miracle babies.

In December I received a message from a fellow IF sister, informing me that Lisa-Marie had handed the hug-a-bub over to her as she was expecting a baby boy, against all odds, conceived after a long fertility journey. I was so touched that this seemingly small gift was being “payed forward” as I’d hoped it would be.

Then yesterday, I logged on to Facebook and received this message from Mommy-in-Waiting:

Hi Sharon,

I just wanted to let you know where your wrap carrier for Ava has ended up. Having gone via Lisa-Marie and Lesley, it has now been passed to me!

So special to have the use of a special symbol of the support our community has given and keeps giving to each other.

It will be in safe hands and I look forward to passing it on the the next person who starts the happy journey of parenthood.

Juanita (HopefullyTTC)

I have been thinking about this since last night and have suggested that we do one of two things with the wrap:

  1. On the inside seam of the wrap, we write the names and birth dates of all these precious little babies who have used this wrap.
  2. We start a notebook that gets passed along with the wrap, where we write the our names, babies names and birth dates and messages to future users of the wrap. That way, when the wrap has worn out, the message book can be past along with something equally as useful as the old wrap would have been.
For those of you who have used the wrap or are going to use the wrap, which one would do you think is best?
I am so touched and so pleased to be apart of something seemingly so small that is offering so much to women just like me. And I’m so excited to hear who will be blessed with it next!