So those of you who have been reading my blog for a while will know that although Ava is a wonderful nighttime sleeper, she’s has been skipping her late night feed and only feeding once during the night at around 2am since she was just past 4 weeks old,  she is a TERRIBLE day time sleeper! Actually scrap that, she DOES NOT sleep AT ALL during the day. This has gotten me seriously stressed out as its completely exhausting. From the time her eyes open in the morning till between 8 – 11pm at night, she is wide awake. Not crying, just wide awake and wanting to be entertained constantly. Out of desperation, we’ve visited our pead, he diagnosed constipation and sent us on our merry way, it made ZERO difference to her day time sleep.

We’ve been going to a Chiropractor that specializes in pediatrics for the past week and a half, Ava has a session with her every second day. She has picked up that Ava has a lot of tension in her neck and pelvis and has been working on re-balancing her parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. We have seen some improvement in that she does appear more relaxed and on Saturday and Sunday I was besides myself with joy convinced we’d turned the corner after she took all her day time naps and slept for 3 hours for each. But yesterday we were back to the nightmare, she was awake from just after 6am. We had another session at the chiro and she assured met his was normal as Ava’s system sees being in the heightened state as normal and it will take a while for her to adjust to her new normal.

But by 6pm last night I was finished, fed up, at the end of my rope. I have scoured the Q&A session of the Baby Sense website a thousand times and frankly, the same regurgitated piece of advice was simply not working for me or for Ava, it was not getting her into a drowsy state and all it was doing was getting me more and more frustrated.

It was then that I remember the discussion I’d had with our baby clinic sister re. Ava’s lack of day time sleep and the tips that she’d suggested. She did warn me that her system would take about 3-4 days to get fully implemented but by this stage I was so desperate that seemed like a small price to pay.

So I did it her way and guess what? Ava went to sleep at 6:30pm last night, which is a record for her and I did it again this morning after her 6am feed and she’s been asleep for nearly an hour already.

So here’s what we do:

  • warm up a bean bag, not hot, just warm
  • put Ava into her cot on her side, with the warmed bean bag pressed against her chest and tummy
  • give her a dummy
  • cover her face with her taggie (her version of a dudu blankie)
  • sit next to the cot with my hand firmly pressed down on her back or side till her breathing slows and the sucking on her dummy slows

I was told I’d need to do this on average for about 20 minutes with each sleep for 3-4 days to get her into the habit of going to sleep like this. I’m pleased to say its actually been much faster as the firm pressure of my hand seems to soothe her and also prevents her from wriggling around to much.

Lets hope that this is all thats needed to get my little darling to sleep during the day again!