Yesterday two things happened that would rank up there as two of my best “mommy moments”. Ava-Grace just gets cuter and cuter the older she gets and I’m just enjoying her more and more. I really did love the tiny baby phase and I really thought I’d miss it but to be honest, I’m enjoying her so very much more now that she has a personality and a real character. Not that she never had that before but its on a whole different level now that she’s a fully fledged toddler.

Yesterday, when I was carrying her out to the car to take her to Kinder Music, she hooked her arm around my neck, looked at me and said: “My Mom!” I swear, I melted into a giant pile of goo right there in the drive!

Then when we were at Kinder Music, during one of the play time activities, one of the other little girls sidled over and came and sat right up against me. Ava was on the other side of the room when this happened and when she spotted little Mika practically perched on her Mama’s lap, she came charging over, squeezed herself into the gap between Mika & I, forced herself onto my lap and gave Mika a good shove, followed by a “My Mom” again! This is the first time Ava has shown an inkling of jealousy and possessiveness over me and while I realize its something she’s going to have to just get over, especially with our hope for another baby, I will admit to feeling very warm and fuzzy on the inside!

And now for a song. I know this is so not original, but I first heard this song when Tracker started flighting their current commercial and then of course, the song was famously sung by Callie on Grey’s Anatomy and I’ve been hooked every since. I just love this song, it really speaks to me, I reckon it could be taken and applied to everyone’s journeys regardless of what their journey was. But that opening line: All these lines across my face… I look at myself often in the mirror and see how the years of infertility have taken their toll on my face, I have trauma lines around my mouth and deep furrows in my brow from years of gnashing my teeth, frowning and of course crying.

Anyway, here for your listening pleasure: