The Strange Nobs @ Beefcakes

The Strange Nobs are a group of mom’s from Ava’s school who get together monthly. Each month one of us is responsible for organizing an evening out. We’ve eaten delicious dinners together, gone to Wombles, had cooking lessons and it’s always been fabulous. I look forward to our monthly gatherings. Usually, your turn to host is in the month of your birthday so your evening doubles up as a Strange Nob get together and a bit of a birthday bash.

With June being my birthday month, it was my turn to organize and because we’ve all been talking about going to Beefcakes, I decided on that venue for us. Well what a fabulous and fun evening out. The decor is amazing, all the pink flamingo’s, pink feathers and sparkly hats, the food was fabulous, their burgers are to die for and Wednesday evenings drag shows was a ton of fun, naughty but really really funny.



I also got really spoiled by my friends with Sorbet vouchers and Woolies vouchers and all things owly and Lou Harvey and pretty tea cups.




Thank you dear friends for making my Strange Nob’s evening out so much fun!

And readers, Beefcakes really is fabulous, you really do want to make a turn there to taste their delicious burgers and enjoy the unusual and fun setting.


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