stfuSo a while ago, I wrote a piece about the stupid things that people say. Well here’s another example of how having a nice big cup of shut the fuck up would have been beneficial.

Prior to Ava I was fortunate enough to be able to spend money on whatever I wanted to (including fertility treatment). I love spoiling myself and especially pampering myself. Part of my monthly routine always includes a pedicure and a session with my hairdresser. I’d have my hair highlighted, cut and blow dried every month and also buy all my products from her. Boy, she should really learn how to drink a cup of shut the fuck up.

Why? Well because I’d rather let my hair all fall out before I let her touch so much as one hair on my head ever again! Two days before we flew to Cape Town to meet our birth mum and witness Ava’s birth, I popped in at her to get my highlights touched up and have a trim and stock up on some products. I was super excited about our trip to Cape Town and about the impending birth of our child. She knows my history so I was dying to share my exciting news with her. The words were barely out of my mouth before she waved her hand in my face and told me how she believed that adoption was just wrong!

Let me start off by saying that she is of a different cultural group to me and her reaction to my news was shocking. First she told me that she doesn’t agree with adoption, that it was an issue in her culture and then when I told her how miraculous this actually was because there were so few Caucasian babies that came up for adoption, you will not believe what she told me:

“Oh I don’t agree with adoption and the reason why there are so few white babies up for adoption is because white people are cleaver!”

I felt like somebody had slapped me in the face. What on earth does being white and adopting have to do with anything? And how is having an abortion or keeping a baby you’re not in a position to raise better or smarter than giving your baby up for adoption? I was livid, it took all of my self control not to tell her where to get off and to sit quietly in the chair while she finished my hair!

Now let me tell you this, I am easily convicted about things, as an example, I saw a story on Carte Blanche a few years ago about the cruelty to chickens as the KFC abattoirs and since that day, not one piece of KFC has past my lips. Well the same thing will apply to my hairdresser! I’m tempted to phone her and tell her why she will never do my hair again and why I will not spend another cent on over priced products at her salon ever again. How I go there to have my hair done, not to listen to hair opinions!

Instead, after doing a bit of research, I’ve found a new salon to go to and a new haird stylist to do my hair.

So sometimes it really is just better to drink that cup of shut the fuck up!