We’re well and truly into the terrible 2 phase and while this phase certainly does come with it’s challenges, we do seem to be mostly free of the terrible, throw-yourself-to-the-ground type tantrums we experienced when Ava first started walking. I think this is largely due to the fact that her verbal communication is at a point where she can now speak in more or less full sentences and can convey her emotions or what it is that she needs.

She’s an exceptionally affectionate child and my heart melts when she tells me she loves me. On Monday night, she wrapped her little arms around my neck and said: “Love u Mommy, best mommy!”

We’re still struggling with the eating. She’s an exceptionally fussy eater and what she’ll eat with gusto today she’ll refuse tomorrow. Supper time is the worst and she often goes to bed having only had a yoghurt. Thankfully she eats lunch at school before coming home at lunch time. The pier pressure of having her friends around while she’s eating does wonders for her adventurousness with food and she eats just about everything that is served at lunch time. Paste, veggies, fish, quiche, you name it, if her friends are eating it, she’ll eat it to. We’re still battling with her water consumption, she’d rather dehydrate than drink water. For now we’re winning by pouring a little bit of juice and then adding about 70% water to her bottle. But as soon as it’s straight up water, she just flat out refuses it with an emphatic “no want it!”

Yummy lunch!

It’s amazing to watch how her personality is starting to show more and more, her likes and dislikes are becoming more and more prominent as she matures. Madam is a girl through and through, if it’s glittery, sparkly, jewellery or an accessory, she must have it immediately.

Just 'cos I'm drawing doesn't mean I can't be stylish!

She’s also very mischievous and a real prankster. And while she shows a real love of music & art, something she inherited from her birth mother, I also think she’s going to be a child that loves sports when she’s older. Her favorite thing to do is to kick a “koccer” ball in the back yard. Because of her love for both music and sports, we’ve enrolled her in two extra mural activities at school, Be Sharp Beetles andSuper Kids, both of which she just loves and always comes home so very proudly displaying the Be Sharp Beetles or Super Kids stamp on her hand. Of course, she’s also mad about Show & Tell and actually helps and has opinions on what to take to school for Show & Tell each week. Another favorite is Bakers Day! She’s always so proud of her creations, even though they’re mostly half eaten by the time I get home and she always insists that Walter and I eat some of whatever it is that she’s made.


I am most thankful for the fact that she is such a fantastic sleeper, long may it last.  Even when she’s sick, once she’s in bed at night, she will sleep till between 6am – 7am. Walter and I have been very routine orientated with her from the very beginning and we’re definitely reaping the rewards of that routine now. Nap times and bed time is never an issue. There is no howling, crying, begging or pleading. She simply knows that its time to sleep. Generally she sleeps between 1pm & 3pm every day which is fantastic as I get home usually just after 3pm so I’m home with her for most of the time that she is at home. Bed time routine seems to work slightly differently, while she’s happy to be left in her room, with a night light from 7pm, she will often play for a little bit in her room before going to sleep. It’s quite funny really, if we go to check up on her, she will stand at the door and say: “No, go away, close the door!” so now we just leave her. Before she goes to sleep each night, she has this little ritual that she does, she takes every book out of her bedside table and every toy and pillow she can find in her room and builds a fort around herself before going to sleep. Once she’s asleep, Walter and I then have to go back into her room and pack away and tidy up the room, which she thankfully sleeps through.

The Toy & Book Fort!

Tomorrow I’m taking her for an Anteral Skull X-ray which I’m really not looking forward to. The Dr’s need to check the size of her adenoids as she snores very badly and has sleep apnea. So before they remove her tonsils, which will be happening in the next couple of months, they want to check her adenoids too, to decide if they should be removed as well because it would seem they are causing the snoring and sleep apnea.

All in all, while the terrible 2’s have come with their own set of challenges, she’s a very busy and very demanding little girl who doesn’t give her Mommy or her Daddy a moment of peace, they have been loads of fun and not so terrible after all.