The Thing About Blogging…

Be Kind

Is that some readers forget that a blog is a tiny snapshot into somebody’s life. What I share here on my blog is less than 1% of who I am, what I’m about and my life. And yet, some readers think that because they’ve read a few of your blog posts they know you, are entitled to make harsh judgements about you and leave comments that are less than kind.  Of course, I’m not naive, I know that comes with the territory and having been a blogger for 6 years now, I’ve learned what to take to heart and what to ignore. I’ve learned that not everyone is going to agree with me, or like me or what I write about and that’s totally ok, different strokes for different folks. The mean comments rarely see the light of day, I moderate my comments quite intensely, this is after all MY spot on the web and not a democracy where you can come and have a field day at my expense. Don’t got something nice to say? Don’t say it at all!

But once in a while, a comment comes through with such thinly veiled callousness that it’s hard for me to ignore. Like the commenter who called my children half breeds, like the commenter, from years ago when I was still an infertility blogger, who said I was such a mess that my nickname should be roadkill because it was impossible to look away from the mess I was and then last week, a commenter, who kindly noted that she was a new reader to my blog and I shouldn’t take it the wrong way, but that I show favouritism of Ava over Hannah?

Really? You got that from reading my blog? You’ve never met me, met my children, been to my home or seen my interaction between my children and I? You know less than 1% about me and my children. But yet, you are a reader with “no vested interest”  who felt it was necessary to point this out to me?

*delete delete delete*

Comments like that are not welcome in my spot on the web. If you can’t be kind, you can’t be a commenter on my blog. Period. If you can’t separate a blog from the real world, then I’m really not sure you should be reading blogs.

Right, now I’ve had my little rant, I’m off to double check all the details for Hannah’s 1st birthday party tomorrow (which in spite of your sage advice, no professional photographer will be attending).

Rant over.

Over & out!




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