that really has annoyed the hell out of me is how it has messed up all the hard work and good habits that I taught Ava when she was still a new-born. And to get those good habits back is going to take an almighty effort now that she is far more strong-willed and determined!

Since she has started cutting teeth her day time sleep routine has been totally messed up. Previously, as soon as I saw her showing her sleepy signals – rubbing eyes, grabbing ears etc, I could take her, plop her in her cot with her dummy and security blankie and she’d go straight off to sleep. Now I cannot do that at all. She won’t take a dummy because her mouth is so sore and she gets very angry if you try to force the dummy on her. You also cannot put her down for a nap awake as she will just cry and cry and cry until you go back in to fetch her. And believe me I have tried just leaving her to “cry it out” and it doesn’t work, an hour later she’ll still be sobbing, only now she’s pissed off as well as upset and then it takes hours to settle her after that.

Night times are another ball game all together. Gone are the full nights sleep which we have become accustomed to for the last 7 months. Firstly, I have to put her down asleep because putting her down awake results in a crying/screaming session. And she also wakes up a few times at night. I know for some Mom’s this is normal but this is not normal for us and I’m battling to adjust to it.

On Thursday last week, she was awake for 3 hours during the night. On Friday night she woke up at 22h00 and it took an hour and a half to get her back to sleep, on Sunday she was awake at 01h20 for an hour and on Tuesday night she was awake at 1am for an hour and then again at 4am and she wouldn’t go back down after that.

In desperation I took her to the Dr yesterday, just to confirm that there isn’t any other problem like ear infection which I’d heard can happen during teething or tonsillitis. She has none of these. Our Dr did recommend that on the nights when she is especially uncomfortable that I bring out the big guns, in the form of Stopayne, which is normally only recommended from 2 years of age. We tried it last night and aside from it taking 40 minutes to get her to bed last night, she did sleep right through until 6am this morning, something both Walter and I are grateful for as we would never have survived another day of sleep deprivation.

I know I must seem like a whiny ass, but I never ever imagined that teething with her would be so tough given that she’s been so easy with everything else. And I know that what we’re going through seems like a cake walk in comparison to what some Mom’s go through, but like I said before, we have been sleeping soundly right through the night for 7 months now, so to be going through this now really really tough.

I also read that it takes 3 days to start a new habit with your baby so I shudder to think all the damage to her awesome routine she previously had. I also read somewhere that some professionals believe that babies do not show teething symptoms (what the???) and that most literature says they will only show symptoms for 72 hours prior to a tooth cutting. Yeah right! That is not my experience! Her second tooth is now fully out, but our Dr showed me yesterday that it looks like the top two are in hot pursuit!

God help us!!