Ava & her small feet having lunch!

Ava had her 18 month vaccinations today and I decided, against my better judgement, to share my concerns with the clinic sisters regarding Ava’s rather small feet. Well, I got the exact reaction I had anticipated. A lot of giggling and the question: Well can she walk, said with a lot of sniggering.

I know its ridiculous. And I know we shouldn’t make comparison’s but the fact of the matter is, because her feet are so small we are battling to get shoes for her. They don’t make toddler shoes that fit her, in fact, the smallest toddler shoes are a size 4 and are so large that I can get 2 thumbs between her big toe and the front of the shoes, they either fall off or she trips and falls over them because they’re so large. As a result, she’s still wearing shoes from the baby section,the ones with the little soft soles – not exactly the best solution for a busy toddler, she literally walks the shoes through in a couple of days. I’ve asked the mom’s at her swimming lesson’s, I’ve asked the mom’s at her Kinder Music classes and I’ve asked my friends with girl toddlers more or less the same age and it would seem that everyone else is wearing a size 5-6 already and we’re still stuck in the baby section on a size 3.

Of course the clinic sisters just laughed it all off, they’ve told me that she’s probably just going to be petite which of course I’m grateful for, I’d rather she were petite than a big oompa loompa like me. But still these clinic visits to have a way of making me feel a little bit silly for worrying about unnecessary things.

On the up side, all her measurements were done. She’s 83.5cm which puts her on the small side for height on the charts, weighting in at 11.3kg’s which is bang on average for her age and her head circumference is now 48.2cm which is above average and I like to think it’s because of all those brains! 😉

She was a brave little sausage, shedding literally 2 tears, with a look of horror on her face as she got jabbed but that was it and thankfully we are done again until her next round of vaccinations in December.

She’s also cut another 2 molars in the last few days, this would account for the total hunger strike she’s been on. Out of desperation, tonight, I broke another of my pre-parenting rules… I let her eat popcorn for supper because it was better than eating nothing at all!

But I hope I’ve learned a lesson from today’s rather embarrassing foot question – to stop looking for things to worry about!