The Ties That Bind

There is an invisible thread that binds families created through adoption, call it shared experience, experience of the path less travelled, knowing something extraordinary, but some how families created through adoption are often drawn too each other.

This is true for my family, while adoption is often seen as uncommon, it is very common amongst my close circle of friends with at least 6 of my friends parenting one or more adopted children. The closest emotional bonds I’ve formed are with my friend Charné, who’s adoption story inspired us to adopt and Lisa-Marie, who in turn was inspired by our story, adopted. All 3 of us used the same Social Worker and even though we’re spread all over the country, there is an invisible tie that binds us together.

So how very special that we all landed up in Cape Town this December and we managed to organize a picnic with our amazing social worker. It was a very special day, seeing our girls interacting and playing together, Emma-Lynn is 2 months older than Ava and Isabella is 6 months younger than Ava, so there is a very close and very special tie that binds.




But was truly heart warming was watching our precious girls interacting with their honorary Auntie. When I looked at the expression on Wilna’s face while she held all 3 girls for a photo, I was struck by the love that was radiating off of her. While I have no doubt her  job passion must be emotionally taxing and exhausting at times, I can see that it brings her huge amounts of joy.

Its one of the days of our holiday that really stuck out for me, so much love, so much joy and so much thankfulness.
Wilna & Moms




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