I don’t know how many of you have noticed, but things have been very quiet on my blog over the past few months, aside from the occasional sponsored post and review, I haven’t been blogging much and certainly haven’t been sharing anything of a personal nature. To be honest, I’ve been in a bit of a blogging funk, stuck in a rut, shall we call it a bit of writer’s block? And as a reader and follower of bloggers myself, I get why this is totally boring and not engaging at all.

Comparison Is The Theif Of Joy

It’s also the suppressor of my creativity. Comparison literally kills any and all of my creative desire and while I know this, I’ve been stuck in the trap of comparison over the past few months.  The thing is, the blogging sphere has changed so much over recent times, and the big focus for anyone who knows anything about influencer marketing and blogging, knows that Instagram is where it’s at.  And of course, as a mommy blogger, I’ve been feeling drowned out and silenced by the mommy blogger community on Instagram and here’s why:

I’m Not A Mommy Blogger Anymore

Guys, in June I will be 47 years old. My eldest child will be 10 in December and my youngest child turns 6 tomorrow. I have zero personal interest in a large percentage of what mommy bloggers are talking about. Don’t get me wrong, professionally (and if you know what I do for a profession, you’ll understand) I still have an interest and I follow and engage, but on a personal level, I’m not interested, not at all.

What I’m Looking For Personally

My blog and my online persona have always been my creative outlet. I love it. I’m not ready to give it up. But my life has moved on, I no longer have any interest or relevance in traditional mommy blogger topics. I don’t want to do toy reviews, I don’t want to attend kid-centric events (I pretty much stopped attending these events a year ago already), I don’t want to be talking about the deep, personal stuff about my children anymore, they’ré getting older and more aware of what I do online and I don’t want them to be uncomfortable with what I share. So I’ve been feeling a little lost.

Where Do I Fit In?

That has been the million dollar question for me over the past few months. I log onto Instagram and immediately feel shut down. I’m not a young, fresh-faced thirty-year-old complaining about my “lines and wrinkles”.  I am a 46-year-old woman with real lines and wrinkles. And this is where I want to start focusing.

I want to create and write content about middle-aged women, about women like me, women who are still loud and proud, women who still take up space in society, who have opinions worth sharing, opinions worth listening too, women who are beautiful in spite of their age, women who are relevant. Women who are fierce and fabulous.

I want to create content that inspires other women to take up their space, to not shrink away because society so often sees us as irrelevant. As an example,  I am so sick and tired of seeing beauty brands work with 20 and 30-year-olds to talk about anti-aging products, do me a favor, can we be real for once? I’m the target market for those kinds of products, I’m the type of woman brands who are targetting forty-year-old women should be working with. I’m done logging into Instagram and looking at a 30-year-old giving me advice on aging. I’m done! And this is not a dig at my younger counterparts, but more a rant at society who traditionally prefers that middle-aged women just shrink into the background quietly, under the assumption that we’ll take our granny pants and purple tinted permed hair with us and I won’t do that. If 40 is the new 30 then I am more relevant today than I was 10 years ago.

I’m relevant. I’m loud. I’m worthy. I’m smart. I’m fierce. I have opinions and they are worth listening too!

So…. ja, that’s more or less what you can expect from me going forward.