Last year, in March ’09m, I took this photo of myself. My 4th fresh IVF had just failed, I was completley crushed and feeling very hopeless. I dyed my hair very dark brown as I wanted my “outsides to match my insides”. I felt lost, I felt hopeless, I was depressed and I pretty much felt dead on the inside and that totally shines through in the photo, my eyes are lifeless, my mouth is set in a rather grim line. There is no joy, no hint of happiness anywhere on this face.



Its ironic that it was around the the time that this photo was taken, that my beautiful Ava was being conceived. Then when I shared some of theย  photo’s we had done with the photographer, a fellow blogger noted the differences in my face between then and now.

Granted, I was quite a bit thinner in the first shot, but there is no denying that the grimness and of depression and emptiness have left my face to be replaced by a peaceful calm, a

sheen of underlying joy and its all because of this beautiful child:


Its still a lesson for me that life can change in the blink of an eye! You just never know what is waiting around the corner for your!!