Things I’d *heart* From My Secret Santa


Charlotte, over at The Stiletto Mom is doing a sterling job of organising and coordinating an online Secret Santa. Is your name on the list? If not, then here’s what you need to do:


· All names must be entered by 16 November 2012.

· I will email you your person by 21 November 2012.

· It’s a secret, the person you’re buying for may not be buying for you so be nice or you may get coal.

· Gifts must be under the value of R100 (pre postage – make sure to get a tracking number and forward it to me) if you want to spend more feel free, but if about the love that goes into the gift rather than the price.

· If you are no longer able to participate let me know asap.

· I will list all blogs involved as I receive them – last year we even had 2 non-bloggers, blog-followers and Tweeple are also invited. We want to GO BIG.

· Anther cute thing we did last year was a post about the things you like so that your Santa can get an idea of who you are. As soon as you have joined and did the post, email me the link to set up for you. If you are not a blogger, please so a little intro about yourself and what kind of things you like and email this to me in Word format. I will upload it on my blog as a post and link it to your name.

Email me c.l.coetzee at gmail dot com if you want to join in.

SHARE this everywhere… Twitter hashtag #blogsecretsanta 

Right, so here are the things I love:

  • Tranquil Body Treats
  • Scented candles or Soy wax candles
  • Anything Hello Kitty
  • Chocolate
  • All body/hand/bath/shower products (must be cruelty free)
  • Lip glosses & lip balms
  • Accessories (bangles, necklaces)
  • Stationary
  • Cookie Stamps
  • Toiletry bags (I know, don’t even ask, I just love them)
  • Sponges, lathers & loofa’s
  • Nail polish
  • Owls
  • Elephants

Can’t wait to for the list to be coordinated so that I can see who I’m buying for, I love mystery gift shopping!


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