It’s that time of year again…. where kids are excited and parents left scratching their heads over what to do! What am I talking about? Why…. bloody Spring and the hat/fancy dress parades!

This is Ava’s third spring as a school going child, so it was our third year of having to do something creative for school. This year, dear Teacher Candi, who clearly has too much time on her hands (Yes Candice, I’m talking to you!) came up with the brilliant idea of having a fancy dress day instead of the usual rush-around-the-crazy-store-buying-sh8t-for-a spring hat parade.

You can check out my previous attempts at Spring hats here: Spring Hats 2011 & 2012. What can I say…. I’m not very creative, as was evident with my attempt at creating an Easter hat for school – don’t laugh… actually, do laugh, because even I can see the ridiculousness of that attempt.

Of course, Ava has always been super proud of our attempts at creativity and really that is all that matters. I never want her to be that child, the one who’s parents make no effort, who send them to school for parades and fun days, empty handed. So no matter how ridiculous our attempts, we always make an effort.

Back to the fancy dress Spring parade… this year I decide to just make use of whatever I could find from previous years attempts and goodies from Ava’s play room and we she decided to go as a Fairy Butterfly Princess. So after some scratching around amongst her dress up things, this is what we came up with:



And best of all….. SHE WON! I am so chuffed for her. She was so proud of her outfit before school, checking herself out in the mirror and smiling at her reflection and I am so pleased for that she won. Third time lucky I guess! But she was so thrilled that she insisted on phoning me when she got home from school to tell me she’d won and that she’d gotten a prize that included some stickers and a chocolate.


I’m so pleased for her! And so pleased that it took very little effort on our part but had such an impact for her.

Next year Ava goes to a new school, I wonder what they’ll come up with for Spring 2014???