I am exhausted. I have NEVER been so damn happy to come to work on a Monday morning! I kissed Ava goodbye this morning and literally skipped out of the house, leaving her in the capable hands of Loveness – Lord alone knows how that woman copes. This weekend was HECTIC, work has become my time-out! If I sat for any period longer than 5 seconds yesterday it was a lot. We have one SERIOUSLY mobile, SERIOUSLY busy little baby! If she’s not “worming” at high-speed across the floor, she’s running like a monkey – on her hands and her feet. The TV unit has a lure that is irresistible, Miley and Dexter are chased everywhere… Couches, chairs, tables, toy boxes all need to be grabbed and pulled till she’s standing and Mom and Dad are most important as modified “walkers” having to bend over double, hold her hands and walk all over the place while she wobbly-walks all over the place!

Add to that… I think the next round of teeth are coming… snotty nose, she keeps grabbing my hands and stuffing them in her mouth and when she’s in the bath all she wants to do is chew on the bath handle and last night, the first time in weeks, she woke up at midnight. Thankfully for round number 2 we are far wiser…. went in, rubbed Prodol on her gums, restarted her Sleep Sense CD, gave her a toy and a bottle of water, put on the night-light and walked out. No screaming, no crying hysterically… so lets see…

I attended the Toddler Sense workshop on Saturday. It was highly informative. Anne Richardson has a wealth of knowledge and she’s a highly entertaining presenter. Shannon Eggers was wonderful, she gave me loads of idea’s for safe, fun and imaginative play for Ava. The third speaker was Lizette van Huyssteen but I didn’t really enjoy her talk, which was about the dangers of allowing your child to watch TV. I felt she presented a very one-sided view and that she contradicted herself quite a bit, in addition, some of the reason’s she gave for not allowing children to watch TV were, I felt invalid, when she started making comparison’s to other forms of stimulation. I prefer Parenting.com’s more realistic approach to TV and babies/toddlers.

Anne Richardson covered some really fascinating area’s and things that we will be experiencing in the next few months, firstly she covered what isΒ  a toddler and apparently babies become toddlers at one year of age, Ava is two months away and I can definitely tell we’re heading in that direction as she’s displaying more and more toddler like behavior. She also covered childhood rashes and diseases and how to recognize them. Eating and toddlers, the do’s and don’ts, sleeping and toddlers, the do’s and don’ts, discipline and toddlers, the do’s and don’ts, and potty training, when to know its time to start and how to go about it.

So if you have an opprotunity to attend in your area, I’d highly recommend it. Right, I’m off to enjoy the rest of my time-out-sitting-on-my-ass-for-a-few-hours… Tah-ra!