The thing I love about healthy debate is that it often gives us an opportunity to learn something, if we can remember to keep our knickers untwisted and communicate like adults. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this over the last few days and I’ve learned a number of interesting facts and lesson’s and it’s been a time of introspection too.

But one of the quick conclusions that I have come to is that when you conduct yourself in a passive aggressive manner online and stoop to the level of subtweeting and verbal back patting, it says a lot more about your own character than it does about the person you’re trying to take a dig at!

Twitter Subtweet 1


Tweet Subtweet


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I’ve become more and more aware of this over the years and while I know we’re all guilty of a subtweeting, it was something I made a conscious decision not to do a few months back.  Because really, it calls to question my character and says way more about me than it does anyone else and really the biggest subtweet #fail is subtweeting someone who doesn’t follow you. Actually, subtweet is just one big giant #Fail with a capital F that I’m fast learning is reserved for those who lack the intellect to communicate like an adult.

And while its hard not to fall into the ugly of a subtweet, especially when you have strong opinions about something, I’ve learned that if I stop myself and think is this really worth it? Is it really worth making me look like an immature, school yard bullying bitch? The answer is always no and I have learnt to stop myself.

So the next time you’re tempted to participate in pack instinct and throw out a little passive aggressive nastiness in it’s lowest form, remember:

Tweet Wisely


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