Over the last month, I’ve been shopping weekly for goodies for our pledged Santa Shoe Boxes and storing all our goodies on our dining room table which also doubles up as my office as Walter has hogged our office at home.  Ava has been watching the goodies pile up with interest. Being a toddler, each time I arrive home with a shopping bag, she automatically assumes that what ever I have bought is always for her. So it’s taken some serious explaining as to why she can’t take the goodies off the table as they’re not for her.

Her response:

A: “But why?”

Me: “Because these are for Blessing, Tsakani & Xaba!”

A: “But why?”

Me: “Because Blessing, Tsakani & Xaba don’t have mommies and daddies who can buy them presents!”

A: “But why?”

You get my drift. Anyway after explaining in a thousand different ways to her why we were buying presents for Blessing, Tsakani & Xaba, the penny finally dropped and then she was very sad that none of these children’s mommies and daddies could buy them presents so after much exclaiming of how she wanted to help pack the boxes, madam dashed off to her room and came back with her hands full of goodies she wanted to add to their gift boxes.

I was really touched by her generosity and truly felt like Walter and I had done a good job in teaching her about charity and about always giving to those who were less fortunate than we were.

She left all her goodies she wanted to give to them on the dining room table and happily went off to play.

After she’d gone to bed last night, I double checked the shopping lists and started packing the boxes when I stumbled across Ava’s contribution, I couldn’t help but laugh.

Madam, it would seem, did not want to give up any of her treasured goods, but rather all the things that she hates!

Her contribution included the following:

  • her hairbrush (hates having her hair brushed)
  • an old toothbrush (hates having her teeth brushed)
  • her nail clippers (nail cutting is a serious task which involves some wrestling in our home)
  • left over eye drops from a previous eye infection (clearly she remembers how much she hate those drops)
  • a packet of wet wipes
  • and a pair of shoes that she hates and literally goes ape sh*t every time I try to make her wear them!

So she has the right idea about giving to those less fortunate, it’s just not the best execution yet, but we’ll get there!

Santa Shoe Boxes