… the works. Isn’t that what we’ve all come to expect from IVF. Things very rarely do go exactly according to plan. We may have these brilliant Dr’s and science on our side, but our bodies will still do what they want to do.

So this cycle, my body decided that instead of speeding up follicle development just before ovulation, it would slow it right down…. today, my lining was still only 8.5mm and my follicle has grown to 16mm and not the anticipated 18mm required for trigger.

This means that tomorrow morning (a public holiday – note) I will have to get up before the sparrows start a farting and head back to the clinic for another fun dildo-cam-scan and hopefully my lazy ovary will have done a little bit of work and we should be at 18mm and ready for trigger tomorrow night with the big thaw scheduled for Friday, Intralipids scheduled for Monday and Embryo Transfer scheduled for Tuesday.

Thankfully, this tiny spanner is not just a minor clitch in the timing of it all and it does mean that tonight I can go our with my friend, Elize, eat lots of Sushi and drink lots of Saki!:-)