For the longest time I have wanted a tattoo, I simply love them. I’ve always said that if I didn’t work in a corporate environment or that I was so afraid of pain, I’d probably look VERY different to the way I do now. I love tattoo’s and piercings!

Aside from the pain factor, I have also been hesitant of having a tattoo done because I don’t want to land up with something that will look totally ridiculous when I’m 60 years old. My cousin had a unicorn tattoo done when she was much younger and has spent a small fortune having it removed. I know so many stories like that and it has been a massive deterrent for me. I simply don’t want to regret this decision later in life when I’m wrinkly and old and covered in liver spots.

After my 6th miscarriage I desperately wanted to have a butterfly tattoo done, something that was symbolic of rebirth, I even went to far as researching tattoo artists and designs but never went so far as to actually have it done.

Since Ava’s arrival, I’ve been thinking, a lot, about having a tattoo again. But this time I just want her name tattoo’d onto the inside of my arm, I’m thinking something decorative, something like this:

So the question remains… to tattoo or not to tattoo?