Its official! My baby is definitely not a baby anymore… she’s a fully fledged toddler! The signs have been there for sometime, the toddling around, the desire to drop her afternoon bottle and only have two bottles a day.

The last week she seems to be off eating “mush” and yesterday, despite only having two full teeth and three (half) teeth she happily munched her way through 3/4 of a toasted cheese samie, while sitting in a high chair at Spur, proudly waving her samie to passersby.

So from today we will start introducing one meal a day that is a “grown up” meal. I was thinking chicken nuggets, fish fingers, meat balls and “finger” veggies. Any suggestions are most welcome… I’m quite nervous about this, so I’m battling with idea’s, convinced she’s going to choke at any moment, each time she puts finger food in her mouth, she has to eat it with me leaning over her, hand poised ready to snatch said finger food from her grasp and dig out the half chewed food from her mouth!

Meal suggestions?