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Toilet Obsession – Warning Poo & Wee Mentioned

A few months ago Ava developed enough self awareness to be able to tell me when she wanted to make a poo. She’d stand one  one leg in front of me and say “poo poo” and then she’d go hide behind the curtain or a chair and do her business. Then she’d come back, stand in front of me on one leg and again repeat “poo poo”. I took this as the early signs of  preparation for toilet training.

A few weeks ago her school emailed to say that they were starting with toilet training in her class for some of the older littlies. Baring in mind that Ava’s birthday is mid December she is almost a year younger than some of the others in her class. I phoned the teacher and discussed with her Ava’s readiness and she re-iterated that Ava was the youngest in her class and that perhaps we should wait a few months before starting with her.

Well it would seem little madam has taken things into her own hands. She’s certainly hugely dissatisfied with being excluded from the school bathroom routine and has decided that she will use her powers of persuasion on us at home.

It started last week with madam telling me every 5 minutes that she wants to “wee wee” & then saying “toiet” (toilet). So in the end last weekend I gave in, took her nappy off and propped her on the toilet and was hugely surprised when she actually did make a “wee wee” on the “toiet”

So we’ve decided to give it a go this weekend and see how she manages. If we have more successes than failures then she can continue with the toilet training at school on Monday.

In preparation I have bought her her first pack of panties, such tiny little things, really can’t believe my baby girl is growing so fast, and one of those toilet trainers which we tested last night.

Of course the toilet trainer has completley doubled her obsession with using the toilet. Last night she sat on it for 15 minutes, while I turned on taps and made the obligatory “shweshweshwe” sounds. Murphy’s law though, as soon as I took her off the toilet and her feet hit the warm water of the bath, she wee’d!

So I’ve carefully worked through the school’s recommendations for toilet training (no nappies, panties only, sit her on the loo every 20 minutes, make a huge fuss when she uses the loo, don’t make a scene if she has an accident) and we’ll see how we go.

If it’s been a 60% success rate, then she’ll be going to school in panties on Monday and we’ll take it from there.

But seriously, my baby girl is 21 months already, she’s growing up far too fast!

Every time I see the new Allan Gray TV ad it makes me tearful to know that that is exactly how fast my baby girl is growing up.


  • natasjap

    September 16, 2011 at 11:22 am

    She seems more than ready! My boy would watch a whole movie on his potty, drinking juice, without weeing. As soon as I took him off, he’d wee in his pants… But, he is now fully trained at 3 years old. They just need to be reminded often in the beginning (like every 15 minutes).
    My poor house-guests at the time – all they ever heard was :”Kian, wil jy piepie?”
    Good luck, it looks like she will “get” it quickly!
    BTW, that ad makes me very sad. My boy sometimes also “blows” after watching, and I just want to stop him! It really does go by too fast.

  • St. Elsewhere

    September 16, 2011 at 2:48 pm

    How very awesome is that!

    Potty training seems to be such a big pain, and your daughter is actively seeking to do it. I love it.

    It’s not just the age, her watching her classmates do the ‘mature’ thing is conditioning her into wanting it too – for once, a good lesson to learn!

    Way to go Ava!

    Does she have a cold? A runny nose?

  • sue stuart

    September 22, 2011 at 6:36 pm

    Just catching up on posts, it looks like she is so ready! How did it go over the weekend? Katy has now started pulling her leggings down all the time now, her teacher says it’s because she’s watching the others being potty trained! I so was not ready for this, only anticipated starting in the new year, but it looks like we’re also going to have to start soon :-O


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