So we had our follow up with the ENT on Wednesday after Ava’s tonsillectomy two weeks ago. It was funny but it went well.

I had prepped Ava in the car on the way there that she was going to see the Dr who made her throat better and he would look in her ears and her throat and when he was done, he’d giver her a sucker. Madam is happy with the explanation I’ve given her and we arrive at the Dr in good time and take a seat in the packed reception area.

Eventually our turn comes around and the Dr calls us to come through so what does madam do? She stands up and announces to the entire waiting room: “My throat is all better, where’s my sucker?!”

Of course, everyone had a good giggle about this.

The good news is that Ava is all healed and this is quite possibly the best thing we’ve ever done for her. Her snoring has stopped, her runny nose has stopped, she is eating better (still as fussy as all hell but eating more of the foods she does like) and we’ve stopped all the nasal sprays and syrups used to try and control her snotty nose.

I’m sure the Dr says it to all the proud mom’s but my chest really puffed with pride when he told me what a strong little girl Ava is, from the way she came around from her anesthesia with no drama to the way that she took to her recovery. Literally with in one day it was as if nothing had ever happened and she has been quite unphased by it all.

I would recommend this procedure to any mom’s out there who’s little ones are struggling with tonsillitis. My greatest regret is that, out of fear, we waited to long to do the procedure. Ava has had tonsillitis 12 times in the past year and a half and now we never have to worry about that ever again, we never have to panic when she has a fever, or a runny nose.

My baby is all better!