I had my last scan yesterday, all 11 follicles were measuring between 18-19mm’s, all of them jostling for space inside there, sneezing has become fairly uncomfortable and I’ve reached the point where I just want the blasted things out NOW!

I had my trigger injection last night as well and I’m scheduled for ER on Thursday at 07h30. I’m very very nervous, but after chatting with my RE’s partner I’m feeling slightly calmer. He has assured me that my experience from my previous clinic will not be repeated, he went so far as to say that he was willing to put in writing that my sedation would be so good on Thursday that I’d feel like I’d had the best sleep of my life. I really hope he is right. The last time I had ER it was awful. For starters, for some reason there was urine in my bladder so I had to have a catheter, half way through the ER the Dormican (conscious sedation) stopped working, I landed up being very confused by everything, not knowing where I was or what was happening, I fought like a crazy woman to try and escape and eventually had to be restrained after I tried to rip out my own catheter. It was very painful and very scary. Afterwards they didn’t take me back to the ward because I was so hysterical they were concerned I’d upset the other patients, I also had to have a drip with antibiotics to prevent a UTI because I’d bled during my attempts to yank out my own catheter. So I’m really really really praying super hard that this ER will be far less traumatic.

We’ve also settled our final account, a hefty R38K, however, it has landed up being a few thousand rand cheaper than expected, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the clinic passed a credit for 10x Menopur and 1x Cetrotide, this is apparently because I’d stimulated much faster than was anticipated, I’m really pleased, it took exactly 7 days of stimming to get my follicles to the desired size which is fantastic, much better than I’ve done in the past, so I’m guessing the Menopur/Cetrotide protocol has agreed with me.

So my next update will be about how many eggs we retrieved, wish me luck and send out lots of prayers please???