My greatest Christmas memories growing up are of attending Uncle Paul’s or Uncle Willie’s Christmas party each year as a small child. It was such a fun filled, over exciting event that we’d invariably pass out in the car on the way home. Each year we attended, my brother and my two cousins and I. Each year was exactly the same and the best fun ever. Our parents would drive us there, we’d pull into the car park with hundreds of other kiddies and there in the center of the car park was a giant hay cart pulled by a tractor. All the kids would clamber onto this hay cart and the fun would begin! We’d be driven around the farm and eventually land up in a big open field with hay bales stacked in a giant semi circle around a huge fairy castle. There was straw everywhere. Our parents would try and behave themselves and sit on the hay bales while the kids went wild having hay fights, I remember always being super itchy at the end of the evening from all the hay that was shoved down my t-shirt. We’d eat Ice Cream sandwiches and there’d be clowns, and Noddie and Big Ears and we’d have a blast. There’s lots of kids participation, with a band and singing and all kinds of activities.

Then just as the sun would begin to set, the faerie would come, she’d fly high above us in a big circle and as she past each lantern or light, her wand would light it, it was magical. All the children would be asked to sit in the center and we’d have to start watching the night sky for th first glimpse of Santa, there’d be a big fire work and Santa would suddenly appear, with a huge sack of gifts. There’d be naughty elves that would try and steal the presents and all the children would have to scream to warn Santa of the naughty elves. Then one by one, each of us would be called up, by name, and be given a Christmas pressie.

After that we’d head on home, exhausted and prickly and covered in hay.

These parties are hosted by the Rotary Club of SA and they’ve been a tradition in Cape Town since I was a child. All of my family and friends attended these parties when they were growing up and their children attend to. I’ve been so looking forward to taking our little darling to these parties too. But every time I mention it to anyone living in Johannesburg, all I get are blank stares! So after some investigating I’m so disappointed to discover that Rotary Club of Jo’burg do not offer these events. They’re only available in Cape Town and Durban! There’s no way my child can grow up deprived of this wonderful experience and tradition. So one of two things has to happen, I either need a large group of parents to get together with me and put pressure on Rotary Club of Jo’burg to do these events or, we’ll have to fly to Cape Town each year so that our little darling can attend.

There’s no way my little darling can grow up without this experience!!!!!