Ava had her 9 month check up and vaccinations at the clinic yesterday and she was such a brave little sausage! The nurse warned me that the Measles shot is not a nice one and to prepare myself for crying but instead she never made a peep and is now nicknamed “Toughie” by our lovely clinic sister.

All her stats also seem to be tracking along perfectly, she’s now in the 95 percentile for height and measures in at 74cm and she’s on the 76th percentile for weight and weighs in at 9.2kg’s. Still a long, thin sausage! But our clinic sister assures me she’s tracking nicely along the percentages to grow into a nice sized girl.

By last night, after having been awake for 18 hours straight, both Walter and I were as ratty as ratty can be. He looked like a druggie with the black rings around his eyes and I looked like an alcoholic with the red road maps that had appeared on the whites of my eyes. Thankfully, Ava went down quietly last night and despite a little coughing about 30 minutes after putting her down, which caused both Walter and I to freeze like statues and Walter to whisper: ‘”I’m scared!” she settled again and HOORAY! Slept until 6am this morning!

Please GOD let this be a sign of light at the end of the extremely dark, sleep deprived, tunnel.