Was Adoption My Destiny?

Shortly after Ava’s placement, I wrote this blog posting: Finally I Know The Diagnosis and I had a shit storm land on my head from the infertility community. I was accused of being insensitive towards our birth mother and insulting towards all those still struggling with infertility. At the time, I was still trying to process everything that had happened and I was not in a position for formerly responded to all the accusations being levelled at me – notably from people who have not adopted or not on the adoption journey or parenting post adoption!

Then yesterday, Jenny from Your Baby Mag, sent me this article and for the first time I realized that my belief in Ava’s placement feeling like it was my destiny was not at all abnormal as a mom via adoption.

I’ve written about it over at Trinity Heart, so please head on over and  share your thoughts! You can read the full piece here:  Adoption Destiny!

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