Yes! We are! We are expecting our second child! 🙂 No due date as yet but we are expecting. Now is just a matter of waiting.

We met with our SW’s on Friday morning and I just love how they work, the session felt more like a chit-chat catch up as we hadn’t seen each other in sometime, when in fact, they were on a fact-finding mission and after 2 hours of drinking tea and chatting our SW announces – “Ok, so we are in agreement, you ARE ready for a second baby!” And that was that! We handed over our second profile and discussed some of the legalities, although it was a quick touch as our previous adoption had gone through on the new child act, so there will be no changes the second time around.

The one bonus is that because we were one of the first couples to go through on the new child act, we don’t have to complete any new paperwork in terms of psychometric testing, which is a big-ass, 20 page document that asks the most intricate and difficult questions over and over again to determine that we are both of sound mind and body and took almost 2 hours to complete the last time. We do have to redo our police clearance, but that only needs to happen after we’ve been selected as its only valid for 6 months. We also have to have new medical clearance certificates done, as well as updating our financial statement and we need to add an additional page to our Home Study that includes our experience of the adoption process with Ava and also what parenting Ava has meant to us and then we’re done.

In terms of adopting a second time, like the first time around, there is just no guarantee’s. We could wait a day, a week, a month, a year or never be selected. Our SW has reminded us that ultimately its up to the BM’s who they choose and some prefer couples with no children as they want to feel they are helping another couple, other BM’s are insistent that they were an only child and hated it and want their baby to have a sibling, so they will only look at couples with children and there are also BM’s who were one of many children who will want that for their babies and so will insist on couples who have a child already. But the way our SW’s work is they ALWAYS give the BM’s a mix of profiles regardless of what the BM’s initial preference is. It was quite interesting when we discussed this topic, our SW gave us an example of a BM she had worked with at the beginning of the year who insisted she wanted her child to go to a couple who had no children, but when they presented her with profiles, they threw a bunch of different couples into the mix, including a lesbian couple and ultimately, the BM chose the lesbian couple, so one just never knows!

The great news is that because of the great big gaping hole in the new child act, our SW’s are one of the only SW’s who are still placing from birth. Which is wonderful. As with Ava, should we be selected we will take our baby home immediately and we will be the place of safety for the 60 day period. While there is a risk with the BM retracting consent during that time, it’s also such a special bonding time and I’d hate to miss out on it.

Walter is so excited he can barely contain himself! He has asked me about 100 times this weekend if it’s too soon to phone our SW’s and ask them if they have found a baby for us yet. He also shouted out the window to our one SW as we drove off on Friday: “Now go inside and start finding us a baby!” Thankfully, she knows us well by now and she just laughed and waved.

So now for the really hard part… the waiting, please God may it be short and sweet?