We Had A Three-way Date

Life for Ava changed drastically last year when she became a “big” sister to Hannah. Suddenly, the lavish and undivided attention that she had always enjoyed was divided. Hannah was/it not an easy baby. She is emotionally very demanding and very very sensitive and she demands a lot of our time and attention and while Ava has never complained about this, I have often wondered what the impact on her, if any, has been.

On Friday last week, Walter and I took a days leave and decided to treat Ava to a day out where she wouldn’t have to share our attention and where she could go anywhere she wanted to without having to worry about how we would manage Hannah’s eating/sleeping schedule or dragging the pram along with us.

She was desperate to go back to the Valley Of  Waves but unfortunately, half way to Sun City, we had car troubles and had to turn around. Poor child was devastated, she cried all the way home and both Walter and I were so disappointed at having to let her down.

Thankfully, I had a brain fart that turned into a brilliant idea & day out. We took her to Gold Reef City and she LOVED it. It’s not a cheap outing by any means but Ava had the best time with just her mom and dad!


She is just just just under 1.1m’s tall so we only managed to sneak her onto one of the big roller coasters, can’t remember it’s name but you go in a log and get soaked to the bone. This child LOVED it. Totally suited her daredevil nature, while I was screaming bloody murder, she was laughing, actually laughing, great big belly laughs while we went hurtling down into the water. We bought the photo that was taken on that ride and she has asked to have it framed and put up in her room. She keeps giggling and when I ask her what’s so funny, more than a week later, she will still tell me about how I screamed “like a little girl” while we were flying around in the roller-coaster!


The kids section is also fantastic, she could go on all those rides without adult supervision and simply didn’t want to leave.



She also loved the farmyard and spent ages in the stables with the horses and cuddling the bunnies.



A week on and she still talks about what an awesome day it was and how it was her special day with mommy and daddy and when we can do a day like that again.

This is a family tradition I’d like to keep going, special one one one time with Ava and when Hannah is older, with her too. Doing something special that only that child could appreciate and enjoy. Being the type that Hannah is, I already suspect a day of being flung about on a roller coaster would not be her idea of fun, but this is totally up Ava’s alley.

Do you spend one on one time, plan a special outing with your children? What are some of the places you’ve been?



  • Louisa

    May 12, 2014 at 1:56 pm

    What a super idea! I usually take Nicola out on an adventure on her birthday. It’s our thing. We’ve been to Monte Casino Bird Gardens, the Zoo, gone for a movie, been to Gold Reef. Always fun…and all about her. 🙂


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