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#WeArePissedOff – Actually, I am pissed off On World Toilet Day

Proudly in partnership & sponsored by Domestos.

Want to know how privileged we are? Out of 24 000 South African public schools, only 8 000 have flushing toilets.

I have three flushing toilets in my home alone. Not to mention to nice clean toilets at the office, heck even the outdoor toilet I use at the riding school is clean and flushes. Just look at the beautiful facilities at Hannah’s school!


I was shocked to learn, through the Domestos  #WorldToiletDay that there are a large number of public schools in South Africa, some with well over 1 000 learners, that don’t have flushing toilets. 

Imagine what this must do to the spread of disease and illness and in turn, school attendance. For our children, our future! Where their one hope is education?!

Domestos is on a mission to ensure that 25  million people gain access to improved toilets by 2020!

Already over 400 000 children in 475 South African schools have been given access to improved sanitation through the Domestos school renovation and hygiene education programmes, resulting in less illness and increased school attendance.

Since 2010, Domestos has renovated 26 school bathrooms and the result in those schools was that attendance increased by 80%.

As a mother, as a woman and as a compassionate human being…. I am pissed off! Our children deserve better than this! And I see, Phat Joe is pissed off too!

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exyvL2jj9qY[/embedyt]

Will you help us spread the word of this amazing initiative? 

It’s campaigns like this that make me realize and check my privileged. That make me want to do something, anything, no matter how small, to make a difference, to add my voice, to say I am pissed off, our children, our future, deserve better than this! 

Can I ask all of you to share this video? To add your voice? To say you are pissed off too? Will you join us? Will you be apart of the solution? Apart of the awareness?


To apart of the awareness and apart of the solution, please will you share this post far and wide, using the hashtag #WeArePissedOff? Follow Domestos on Face Book and Twitter to find out more and get your family and friends sharing and engaging too!

You can help create awareness by simply selecting the social sharing options below this post! Thank you! 


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