So as you all know already:


So yesterday, we headed off to the baby clinic for round 3 of vaccinations and all the usual measurements and weights.  Sausage is fondly called Worsie (small sausage in Afrikaans) but from now on we’re going to have to just call her Wors (sausage) because damn the girl is growing fast!

She is now 63.5 cm’s so she’s still above average for height.

Her head circumference is 40.8cm’s so she’s on average there.

And her weight is 6.55kg’s! Which is still average but seems rather large. I know I shouldn’t make comparison’s, but when I look at her next to other babies her age, she looks smaller and yet she’s not. It’s difficult to explain, perhaps it’s because she’s taller, the weight is more spread out, but somehow she seems more petite.

The nurses also confirmed that she has started teething, hence the fingers and fists in her mouth permanently & the blowing of bubbles but that she hasn’t begun cutting yet and that could follow anytime from now till 9 months.

She was a total trooper, took the two shots, including tetanus and damn, we all know how sore a tetanus shot can be, without too much fuss. There was a bit of screaming and some crocodile tears at first and but when I put my hands around her face and started talking to her, she calmed right down. Such a good little sausage!

Thankfully that is now the last of the vaccinations till she’s 9 months so her next big check up will be with the Pead at 6 months.