And I’ve become rather obsessed with the scale! It’s been 10 days now since we started following the Paleo diet and I am thrilled with my results… 3.3kg’s down! That’s like almost 7 x 500 g’s tubs of lard melting off of my body in less than two weeks. I’m still feeling really fantastic and my body seems to be functioning better than it has in years!


These are the changes I’ve noticed this week:

  • Digestion is still better than it has ever been. I always thought I had IBT but I’m more convinced than ever that I’ve had undiagnosed wheat intolerance, the lack of wheat in my diet has made a huge difference to my feeling of well being.
  • I have much more energy during the day and don’t experience that mid afternoon slump but I do find by the evenings I’m tired but sleeping like a log, this is huge for me as I’ve always been a bad sleeper. I ate two cupcakes and a hotdog at a party last weekend and had the worst nights sleep I’ve had in two weeks, I think this somehow relates to elevated insulin levels.
  • My skin looks different. The colour and texture seems to have changed, it’s not as oily as it used to be and looks more hydrated giving it a healthy glow.
  • My  portion sizes are reducing. I’m finding myself needing less food to feel satisfied and can go for longer stretches in-between meals without needing to snack – this obviously relates back to better insulin control. The portion control I’ve really had to work at. It’s been so indoctrinated into me to finish the food on my plate that when I do sit down to eat, I have to remind myself  constantly that when I’ve had enough, it’s ok to leave what’s on my plate.
  • I’m NEVER hungry.

Walter has not faired as well, he has actually gained 1.5kg’s in the last 10 days. But after some research this morning, it would seem he is way more sensitive to hidden carbs in certain fruits and we’re going to have to watch his fruit intake a little more closely. He can still eat fruit but he needs to make better fruit choices.

Many of you have emailed me asking about a diet plan. Well, there isn’t one. You need to read up as much as you can, google Paleo diets, follow some Paleo related Twitter handles and find what works best for you. We have chosen to follow a modified version of Paleo which does include dairy but I though I’d give you some idea’s of what I’m eating in an average day:


Fruit salad (papaya, pomegranate, blue berries, strawberries) with a handful of raw almonds and a table spoon of full cream Greek yoghurt


An omelette with tomato and cheese filling


Scrambled or boiled eggs with cold meat




Usually left overs from the night before


Meat (chicken, steak, fish) all uncrumbed but cooked in the method of our choice – usually roasted or grilled. Salad with feta cheese and Avo or Olives or Roasted butternut and beetroot salad served on a bed of spinach, or any veggies, aside from potatoes, rice etc.

Tea/Coffee: served with full cream milk and no sugar

Sometimes if I’m feeling like something nice to eat after dinner while watching TV I’ll eat a spoon of Woolies no sugar added peanutbutter.

You can also download this free e-book which contains a Paleo shopping list to help get you started – Paleo Shopping List

I’ve also cut back on my wine intake and am not only enjoying a couple of glasses bottles over the weekends and not drinking during the week, I’m pretty sure that this has also impacted on my weight loss.

I measured my BMI this morning… I’m officially obese! But I’m feeling so motivated at the moment and I have set myself a goal of trying to drop another 14kg’s by Christmas…. wish me luck!