Our Weekend Away – It didn’t go according to plan!

So the weekend I have longed for & looked forward to for months, has come and gone and to be honest, thanks to a series of unfortunate oversights, poor planning and mini disasters, it just really wasn’t all that. If anything, it was at times stressful and I was so glad to get back home to my girlies on Sunday!

In the week building up to our departure, I’d been bravely fighting off a cold, I thought I won the battle, till I woke up on Friday morning, hacking up a lung and full of snot. I’d also spent the week prior to our departure locking horns with MTN, after that had erroneously billed me for R13 490 and then suspended my line. After countless phone calls and apoplexy on my part, they admitted their error, reversed the billing and reactivated my line. Only, they never reconnected all my services and it took another four days of fruitless and frustrating phone calls to get my internet services reloaded. But this is a story for another day.

In short, I arrived at Sun City sick and stressed.

But we had a room with an amazing view at The Palace and I was determined to enjoy this much anticipated kid-free weekend.

The Palace At Sun City Pool

Walter’s company are famous for spoiling their staff at their year end get away, every single year. No expense is spared and we are treated like royalty, as was the case with this weekend. The first event on Friday night, was at the Shebeen at Sun City. What an experience. We met in the hotel lobby at 6:15pm to a troup of mini bus taxi’s blaring kwaito music, who transported us down to the Shebeen.

On arrival, we had an amazing buffet of traditional foods and drinks and a DJ that entertained us and got the crowd going with some Brenda Fassie songs that had us all line dancing and Mandoza tracks that got the crowd thumping!

But then it all kind of went downhill from there!

After being transported back to our hotel rooms, less than sober, Eva, our nanny called us at 1:30 am to tell us Hannah was vomiting. Our security company phoned us at 02:30am to inform us that our burglar alarm was going off. And then at 07:30am Eva called me again so find out how I was feeling. Guys, I swear, I wanted to actually cry! As a parent, I NEVER sleep in. This was my ONE CHANCE to have a lie in and it was being totally ruined by phone calls.

When I did get out of bed, I realized I was dizzy and not feeling well at all, that’s because not only is home where the heart is, but home is also where I left my schedule 5 anti depressant/anti anxiety medication. Medication I haven’t been without in 6 years! And I know how cray cray and sick it makes me to go without it. 

I tried not to panic!

There is a pharmacy at Sun City and I was sure they would help me out with one pill to get me through till I got home. Of course, I didn’t factor in completely sullen and unhelpful staff throughout Sun City, aside from The Palace and The Valley of the Waves, I found the staff very unfriendly and unhelpful. We hitched a ride on the bus down to the Welcome Center after asking the bus driver where we needed to go to get to the pharmacy. He begrudgingly dropped us off and it was then that we discovered, he’d dropped us off at the wrong stop.  So in the stifling heat and nursing a medication withdrawal, we missioned around for an hour before getting to the pharmacy where the pharmacist refused to assist me. She wouldn’t call my Dr, or have me call my Dr or my usual pharmacy where my script is kept, not even for ONE LITTLE PILL. And that’s when I knew I was well and truly screwed for the weekend.

After that, we headed to The Valley of the Waves for a bit of fun. Only it was seriously packed and after wondering around trying to find a tiny spot to sit, we booked a locker for our valuables so we could hit the rides. It was then that I discovered, my wallet was missing.

Queue the panic!

We had to high tail it back to the hotel, with me having visions of my little bit of money being drained from my account and having to phone the bank to cancel my cards and go through the hassle of new cards and RICA and a new drivers licence. By the time we got to our room, I was in a full medication withdrawal sweat and feeling near hysterical with anxiety. Thankfully in my messed up head space, I’d actually never taken my wallet with me that morning and I almost cried with relief when I found it nestled in the safe in our room.

By then I thought my husband was going to kill me.

The Palace Pool

We had literally wasted half a day running around over my crap. We were both tired and sweaty and I was sick and withdrawaly. So we decided to hang out at the pool for a bit and then took a nice long nap before the evenings scheduled party.

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A White Night’s themed beach party at The Valley of the Waves.

It was epic! From the amazing and beautiful decor, all lit with blue lighting and making everyone’s white outfits pop, to the ice sculptures fro which we drank shooters to the incredible entertainment it was a fabulous night.img_8604

We ate oysters and  seafood and danced bare foot in the sand to the amazing singer. The food was incredible and topped off by the most delicious and beautiful mini desserts I’ve ever eaten. 

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It was a great weekend. Highlights, excluding the drama, including an afternoon nap! I know that may sound lame to some, but we’re parents, of small children, we never get to take naps, and have conversations that aren’t interrupted constantly by little people. 

But I was happy to leave this morning, to get back to my little girls and my medication. I’m sick, I’m tired and honestly, I feel like I need another weekend just to recover from the drama and the fun of this one!

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