I’m having the most bizarre fertility cycle and I have a feeling it does not bode well for a positive result. Firstly, my temping chart is in a mess, my temps are so bizarre this cycle that I had to manually insert my estimated ovulation day (estimated as 36 hours after my trigger injection) because Fertility Friend has been unable to pick up ovulation.  This despite the fact that for the FIRST TIME ever, I had a positive OPK on Sunday and that I had two scans prior to the trigger injection that confirmed that ovulation would occur late on Sunday evening. My first scan on Friday revealed a 16mm follicle and on Saturday morning, the follicle had grown to 18.5mm. In addition, I’ve had a cold on and off since last Friday which I have a feeling as wrecked havoc with my temps. Especially the last two days where I’ve had a sharp, totally unexplained temperature peak. I also had two dots of bleeding, which normally would have made me excited, thinking implantation, except that it was 3DPO which is like waaaaaayyyy too early.  I think its the Femara which has also caused my ovaries to ache on and off since ovulation and I may have a slight urinary tract infection because I’m having to get up and go to the toilet a lot during the night and afterwards it feels like I still need to pass more urine, so this cycle is definitely looking like a bust. I have a follow up with my RE on the 17th and we’ll see what we should try from there. But don’t you just love Murphy? My first proper fertility cycle in months and everything goes wrong!!!