We’re Back!

We got back from Cape Town yesterday, it was a good trip and a tyring trip all rolled into one. Travelling with a baby is not easy and there’s really no such thing as a holiday when one has a baby! No morning lie in’s, no late night johling (mostly cos I can barely function the next day) and of course, being tou of her environment really messed with my little darlings routine, so we start from scratch today with a rather difficult baby who is fighting off her day time sleep. It was wonderful to be with my family and of course to have my mom around to help with my little darling.

She was an angel on the plane, but I knew she would be, for those of you who know our story, you’ll know that she’s no stranger to flying and had her first flight at the tender age of 4 days old. It would seem that flying has the same effect on her as driving, she slept all the way there and all the way back again. Its quite funny really, you see the look of horror on passengers faces when they’re travelling alone and realized they’ve been seated next to a baby, but at the end of both flights, both passengers sitting next to me commented on what a good little angel she was. Not a peep, the bumpier the flight, the more she sleeps (lucky little bugger).

I landed up doing some research and after every one’s recommendations going with Baby Exchange. They were fantastic, I rented a wooden cot, mattress, linen, baby monitor and a pram from them. All of it in excellet nick and nice and clean. Their prices were excellent and they delivered at 1pm on the day we arrived and collected all the goodies from my mom’s house yesterday morning at 9am as requested. They’ve also already contacted me to confirm my bank details for the transfer of the deposit. I’ll definitely recommend them for anyone travelling to Cape Town and will certainly use them again in the future.

We did lots of fun things, ate seafood platters at Seaforth Beach resturant and Mariners Warf, went to watch Super 14 rugby at Newlands stadium, the home of South African rugby, in a corporate box, the Stormers thrashed the Waratah’s from Australia and it was great fun.  Had loads of BBQ’s and hung out with friends and family.

We’re also planning another trip for next month, jus waiting for confirmation, but we’re hoping to go to the glorious Beacon Isle for a week of fun in the sun at Plettenberg Bay. My folks have timeshare there so most of my holidays growing up were spent there, I have many fond memories of sun burn and volleyball and all the fun things a beach holiday should include.

For now, I’m just focusing on getting my little darling back into a good day time routine. I’m very proud of her, her night time routines are fantastic, W and I are extremely lucky as many couples out there battle at night but so far (touch wood) we have not. Our little darling started skipping one night time feed from the time she was 3 weeks old and now, at the tender age of 9 weeks old has started, on occasion sleeping right through from 7pm till 6am so I think very soon she will start consistently sleeping through the night. We also don’t have to get up multiple times for her, on the nights when she does wake, she wakes once for a feed at 2am and other than that does not utter a peep, Lord please let it last!


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